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9409-San Juan Hill, rev...
San Juan Hill - US Army...
9409-San Juan Hill, reverse
San Juan Hill - US Army in camp, reverse. Text reads: San Juan Hill, where the Spanish army met its final defeat, is situated between Santiago and El Caney, Cuba. This view show the American army in camp after the Rough Riders' memorable charge. The scene is thus described by one who took part in the battle: 'On the 1st and 2nd of July, 1898, the Rough Riders were commanded to take San Juan Hill, and with the 1st, 3rd, 9th and 10th Cavalry we took it, but with great loss. Col. Roosevelt led our charge. Shells fell thickly among us, and the air seemed thick with Spanish bullets. Men were falling all around, but we kept up the rush, going steadily forward. The Spanish were very strongly entrenched and were aided by their artillery in the rear. The firing from the Spanish guns was terrific, but still we pressed on, yelling like fiends incarnate, and when we got within about fifty feet of the [unclear]niards they began to desert their trenches. It was then [unclear] poured our bullets into them, and the slaughter was terrible. It was a most desperate battle, and too much credit cannot be given to Col. Roosevelt, who led us.'
San Juan Hill (Cuba)
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